FTPS Certificate Change

As of Dec 10th @ 22:00 an updated certificate will come into effect for users accessing the Secure Batch system over FTPS.  After this date/time a new certificate should be automatically presented to your FTPS client software. We recommend you perform a manual refresh of the certificate (post Dec 10th) to facilitate a smooth migration to the new certificate being used on the E-xact FTPS server.

Below are the steps required to make sure no connectivity issues are experienced when using the CoreFTP program for Windows. Similar steps may be required for users connecting with other FTP clients.


Step 1: Access Previously Accepted Certificates



In this step, choose "SSL/SSH Certificates" to be presented with the list of previously accepted certificates for this FTP client.


Step 2: Delete Previously Accepted Certificates


In this step, click "Delete" for any certificates with the "e-xact.com" domain name.


Step 3: Accept New Certificates


In this step, connect to ftp.e-xact.com as per normal. After deleting the certificate, you should be presented with a dialog box like the one above. Click "Always Accept" to complete this process and add the new certificate to the FTP client's list of accepted SSL certificates.

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