Generating Your E-xact Gateway ID and Password


Your payment gateway has been set up by E-xact, and is ready for processing. This page is designed to walk you through how to locate The E-xact Gateway ID and Password on the E-xact website.


Getting Started

To access the E-xact website, go to this link:

Enter in your Login and Password when prompted. (Don't know your Login and/or Password? Call E-xact support at 877-303-9228.)

Once successfully logged into your account, you should see a homepage like this:



Locating the Terminal(s)

Now it's time to find your terminal(s), which is where the E-xact Production Gateway ID and Password are found. 

Your terminal(s) can be seen by clicking the Terminals link on the right of the page, boxed in red in Figure 1 below:


Figure 1



 Clicking on the highlighted link will bring you to the Terminal Selection window, such as that in Figure 2. Here, you can see each of your account's terminals listed, boxed in red in Figure 2 below:


Figure 2


The name of your new terminal has been sent to you via email by an E-xact support team member. You will find it listed with any other terminals you may have.

The Gateway ID

At this point, we need to select the correct Gateway ID that matches your new Terminal. 

You can see in Figure 3 that the many terminals each have a code listed to the right of them, boxed in red:


Figure 3


The codes boxed in red are Gateway Codes. Each Gateway Code correspond to only a single Terminal, located directly to the left of the Gateway Code.


Terminal Details

Now, you need to click directly on the Gateway Code that corresponds to your new terminal. This will open up a Terminal Details page, like the one in Figure 4:


Figure 4


Now, you need to generate a Gateway Password. This can be done by clicking the Generate Random Password link beside the Password box. The link is highlighted by the red box in Figure 5:


Figure 5


A random code will be generated by the system once you click the link. Please print the page for your records after generating the password.


Saving the Gateway ID and Password

 On the printed page, highlight the Gateway ID and Password like in Figure 6:


Figure 6



With the page printed, you're almost done. Just click Update at the bottom of the webpage, highlighted in Figure 7:


Figure 7



You almost have done everything you need to begin processing through your new E-xact gateway. All that needs to be done now is to enter the Gateway ID and Password you circled on the printed page into your systems.

If you have any questions about the process outlined above, or any other general concerns, please contact the E-xact support team by email at or by phone at 877-303-9228.




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