How do I enable 3D Secure (VbV and Securecode) for Hosted Checkout?

1. Contact Cardinal Commerce to register for 3D Secure: 

Mary Ballard
440-352-8444 x156
mballard (at)

2. Once registration is complete Cardinal will provide 4 variables that you should provide to your Chase Paymentech or E-xact Support Representative:

  • Processor ID
  • Merchant ID
  • Transaction Password
  • Cardinal Service URL

3. When these variables have been entered into the system by Chase Paymentech or E-xact support you will see a "3D Secure" tab added to your Hosted Checkout Payment Page configuration. 

4. From this tab select the checkbox, "Enable 3D Secure". 

5. Select the "Require Enrollment" box to disallow payments with MasterCard, Visa, or JCB cards that have not been enrolled. 

If the "Require Enrollment" box is NOT checked, payments with non-enrolled cards, and payments that encounter errors during the 3D Secure process, will proceed as normal.

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