Gateway Transaction Tag Value Upgrade

Gateway Transaction Tag Value Upgrade

The Gateway continues to grow, in order to accommodate for this; the Transactions Tag Value will be upgraded from 2.14 billion to 4.3 billion. Merchants need to ensure that they are saving the Transaction Tag value as a String, and not an Integer.

The upgrade will take place on the following environments and dates listed:

  • Demo – February 2020
  • Production – June 2020 

Payeezy Gateway clients coming through the Web-Service API or Hosted Checkout (HCO) need to ensure that their API integrations and databases can handle transaction tag values exceeding 2,140,000,000. Otherwise, merchants may experience a disruption in processing transactions. Clients processing through the Real-time Payment Manager (RPM) should not see any impact.

  • comma value 4,300,000,000
  • actual transaction_tag format 4300000000



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