Switching from TEST to LIVE in Hosted Checkout

HOWTO: Switch from TEST/DEMO mode to LIVE with Hosted Checkout

If you're finished testing with your Hosted Checkout demo site and are ready to go into live production mode:

  1. Go to the Hosted Checkout section of RPM
  2. Select your payment page
  3. On the "General" tab, deselect the "Process payments in test mode" checkbox
  4. If you are using the parameter x_test_request, this must be set to FALSE

It is very important that this process be adhered to in order to prevent live transactions being processed through the testing site as these transactions will NOT be sent to the bank for processing.
If you wish to create a new payment page for production mode and keep the old one as a dedicated demo:

  1. Create a new payment page
  2. Ensure the "Process payments in test mode" checkbox is not selected
  3. Swap the demo payment page variables in your code with the newly created parameters


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