Where do I enter my Relay Response URL?

The Relay Response URL is found in the Payment Page Administrative Console in RPM. To enter or view this URL:

  1. Log in to RPM as a Merchant Administrator
  2. Go to Hosted Checkout
  3. Select the applicable Payment Page
  4. Go to the Relay Response tab
  5. View or edit the Relay Response URL in its assigned field

Note that in order for Relay Response to be activated the following conditions must be met:

  1. The "Allow Relay Response" box must be checked
  2. A Relay Response (absolute) URL must be entered
  3. The Relay Response URL must be added to the E-xact firewall
  4. The Silent Response URL field must be empty

To send a request to add the URL to E-xact's firewall, click the "Update Accessibility" link. A message will be immediately sent to our network staff who will update the firewall within 24 hours of receiving the request. In cases of emergency or "rush" additions please contact E-xact Support.

To check if a previously requested URL has already been added, click the "Test Accessibility" link.


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